What if you could...

Provide efficient, cost-effective and evidence-based training for many behavioral health problems with a single tool?

Enable clinicians to learn-by-doing, in real time?

Improve your clinicians’ performance and patient outcomes?

Sustain your investment of training dollars over time?

Now there’s a way. It’s called WILLOW.

75% of people with mental health problems do not get the help they need...

Improve Outcomes with WILLOW

Designed for large clinics and healthcare systems, WILLOW is a Behavioral Health Learning System that provides evidence-based training that is sustained within the organization over time, and scientifically proven to improve clinician performance and patient outcomes. WILLOW enables clinicians to learn-by-doing, helping them to understand, prepare, and individualize evidence-based behavioral treatment plans in their own clinical setting.

What does that mean?

  • Significantly reduce training costs by reducing loss of productivity
  • Sustain your training investment
  • Improve clinician performance
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Improve supervisors’ ability to easily monitor clinical progress and status of clinicians’ patients

What Our Partners Are Saying

“I don’t have time to always pick up and read five treatment manuals. With WILLOW, it’s all right there. More and more, insurance providers are expecting that we deliver evidence-based therapies. They want to know exactly what I’m providing and how. WILLOW makes that easy. The instructional videos are super helpful to me and my clients.”
Julie Leader, PhD Co-Founder, California DBT Peninsula Associates

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