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Join us as we apply WILLOW’s cutting edge technology to help strengthen the expertise of mental health providers. WILLOW’s extensive evidence-based tools assist in identifying a patient’s unique problems, developing a treatment plan, tracking progress, and staying attuned to individual needs and challenges. We invite you to lend your voice and vision to improve WILLOW and expand its capabilities.

Be a Pilot Site

Testing WILLOW in the field is the best way to ensure its efficacy in serving the needs of both mental health providers and patients. With your participation and feedback, we can continue to refine the system to achieve the best possible outcomes. For more information, CLICK HERE to view our RCT Flyer.

Invest & Contribute

There's a lot of ways to invest in WILLOW - our vision, team, and software - to ensure that best scientific practices reach those who need them. Please join us! Learn about and participate in crafting WILLOW's new features. Introduce us to your colleagues at healthcare organizations who need a tool like WILLOW. Even invest financially in WILLOW's future. Help us reduce human suffering caused by mental illness.

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For more information about WILLOW or to see if your organization may qualify for the Early Adopters Program, call us at 206-455-7934 or complete the form below.
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