Why Willow

Evidence-Based, People-Centered

Our vision is that everyone who suffers from mental health problems receives the evidence-based treatments they need to live healthy, happy, productive lives.

WILLOW Empowers Clinicians and Patients

WILLOW is a Behavioral Health Learning System that provides evidence-based training that is sustained within the organization over time, and scientifically proven to improve clinician performance and patient outcomes. With WILLOW, clinicians dynamically prepare and individualize proven treatment plans for their own patients, in their own clinical setting—while accessing relevant training and multimedia tools on demand.

WILLOW includes:
* Evidence-based Procedures. A broad spectrum of mental and behavioral health procedures that are modularized and dynamically adjustable for each patient over time—eliminating the negative impact of treatment silo’s.
* Leading-Edge Digital Learning Tools. Technology-based tools, media and dashboards for the clinician, supervisor and even the patient to optimize treatment and speed patient outcomes.
* Case-Based Workflow System. Centralized evidence-based training, clinical decision support, active progress monitoring, and documentation into a coordinated treatment framework, streamlining operations.
Using WILLOW, behavioral health clinicians are able to learn-by-doing, in real time and improve treatment plans and outcomes; clinical supervisors gain new insight and efficiencies for managing their practice; and large clinics and health systems are able to focus their health training effort and dollars directly toward improved clinical performance.

Specify Patient's Problem

Specify your patient's problems using a checklist of common mental health problems. WILLOW will recommend specific evidence-based measures and treatment protocols to consider using.

Computer Assisted Therapy

WILLOW's tools are designed to provide an expert supervisor during the session for support, guidance, and help you actually need.

Create a Plan

WILLOW will guide you in building a personalized evidence-based treatment plan for your patient.

Document in Real Time

WILLOW automatically captures data, including scores from measures, therapy tasks, and homework assignments into a format that can be lifted into your session note.

Track Patient Progress

Mental health providers and patients can see outcomes for each assigned measure displayed over time.

Smart Alerts and Notifications

WILLOW helps mental health providers observe and track clinically relevant trends and data from the dashboard, as well as tips and advisories on patient progress.

Outcomes that Matter

No one should have to suffer with mental health problems because they are not receiving the best treatment. WILLOW makes a significant difference in the way we deliver care and collaborate with people to speed healing.

About the name WILLOW

For centuries and across cultures, willow trees have been associated with healing, particularly after periods of profound suffering. They are flexible, adaptable, and provide safe haven during difficult times.